The Whiteshell

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Middle of the Whiteshell Provincial Park

The Whiteshell Provincial Park offers acres of pristine waters and lush forests. Enjoy hiking trails that cover granite rock ridges and Black Spruce bog. Or try mountain biking a trail of beautiful habitat. View awe-inspiring shorelines by canoe or boat. Soak up the sun on a quiet beach or throw a cast for a feisty catch – Walleye, Northern Pike, or Perch.

Visit some of the park’s interesting visitor attractions: the Nutimik History Museum, the West Hawk Fish Hatchery, or the Alf Hole Goose Sanctuary. Tennis courts and golf courses are within a short driving (or boating!) distance. Be sure to ask for a copy of ‘The Whiteshell Wanderer’, a comprehensive collection of trail maps, photos and factual information on the Whiteshell Provincial Park.